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Financial Planning: Dentists

Financial Life Planning for Dentists

At Emerge Wealth Strategies, our holistic financial plans are designed with you at the center. Our goal is to help you align your money with your most important goals in mind so you can focus on your patients and your dental career while we help review and implement your financial strategy.

We strive to offer trusted guidance and objective advice with full transparency. Our goal is to hyper personalize your financial planning experience to fit your needs. We offer a fully virtual experience from online scheduling to zoom meetings to fit your busy schedule as a dentist. 

Our services tailored to dentists include:

  • Tax strategies-An analysis of employee benefits to utilize tax advantages accounts including HSAs, FSAs, 401(k) plans, stock options and other offerings. 
  • College funding-A review of your goals around helping your children/grandchildren through private K-12 and college and selecting a suitable account type and asset allocation.
  • Goal funding-From funding your dental practice to lake house, exploring all your alternatives when it comes to funding your goals is at the heart of our thoughtful strategy planning. 
  • Estate planning-A review of your current beneficiaries, estate documents and collaborating with your estate attorney to help make sure your assets pass based on your wishes while minimizing estate and gift taxing. 
  • Charitable giving-Many of the dentists we work with have charitable inclinations and collaborating with your CPA gives us an opportunity to structure your charitable donations with a beneficial tax saving strategy in mind.
  • Retirement planning-We help associate dentists (W-2s and 1099s) with maximizing their existing retirement plan while also analyzing potential benefits of implementing new retirement plans. Cash Balance plans are a popular vehicle for dentists who are looking to put more into retirement and catch up.
  • Disability income-As dentists, you have a physically demanding career than can take a toll on your ability to work into your 70's. That's why it's important to protect your income. As a dentist you can buy an individual disability policy or get coverage through the American Dental Association (ADA) at group rates. We can help you compare and contrast your options to pick a suitable policy.
  • Long-term care-As you enter your peak earning years and begin to consider your eventual retirement planning for health care expenses becomes paramount. That's why we discuss the options you have to help pay for these expenses in the event you need care. 
  • Distribution strategies-Most dentists eventually decide to pursue other passions in life that got side stepped while in practice, from traveling to starting an animal shelter. During this life stage we can help you determine a distribution strategy with your lifestyle in mind to provide a legacy and maximize your retirement income.
  • Practice Transition-Your Dental practice can be one of the biggest asset you have. We can help you figure out how to convert your practice value into retirement income using different financial strategies to help prepare you for that phase of life. 
  • Survivor income needs-As dentists your family likely depends on your level of income to enjoy the lifestyle you've created. It is important to understand the different products available to help protect your family in an untimely death.
  • Student Loans-We understand that student loan debt is often the #1 stressor when you graduate from Dental school. We can help guide you on the different options you have to help manage your loan payments while also maintaining the lifestyle you desire. 

In addition to these services, we work hard to build a network of dental specific professionals: from CPAs to Dental Valuation specialists, Marketing ... to help connect you to the resources you need throughout your dental career.