Does your financial advisor empower you?

July 08, 2022

Do what your told… or not!


Growing up, anytime I asked a “why” to an adult, the inevitable response was “Because I said so.”  Maybe you can relate?  Often, there are financial professionals who operate in the same manner.


In my time as an advisor, I hear the experiences people have had while interacting with a financial professional who gave similar answers.  When questions of “why” came up, the advisor may have belittled the individual by conveying the message of “I know more than you, that’s why.”


Instead of spending time educating their client, they tend to make the person feel inferior with the lack of knowledge regarding a particular strategy or product.  Financial markets and corresponding products are complicated.  There are reasons that financial services professionals are required to pass exams and obtain certifications.


As a client, you should always feel comfortable asking questions about why a product or strategy makes sense for you.  The answer you receive should make you feel empowered to make a great decision!  If you don’t receive the clarity you are seeking, ask again!  Good advisors give answers that discuss “how”.  Great advisors give answers as to “why” something makes sense for you.


Interacting with your financial professional shouldn’t feel like you are being scolded or that it’s a lecture.  Your questions should lead to an engaging dialogue that helps you feel confident in the direction being recommended.  Regardless of industry, bed side manner is important.  Make sure the experience you are receiving meets your expectation of feeling educated and empowered!