The Emerge Story

The idea behind “Emerge” starts with our philosophy: We all have to start somewhere on our journey towards financial success. Some of us grew up in households where money was never discussed, and then we went to school where financial topics are seldom covered. As professionals we all have our respective strengths, and often financial planning falls to the wayside because it isn’t something we were taught. That’s where we come in. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, we understand that your goals and priorities are unique. Each client we work with has their own mindset and values when it comes to money. We can help enable you to pursue your financial goals.

Val, Laura and Tess provide more than 39 years of combined financial industry experience.  Each brings their own set of skills and insight to your case to help us bring relevant and timely advice to your personal financial situation.  Our goal is to empower you, our client, to make informed decisions to help you pursue your goals. We can work collaboratively with you, your tax professionals and attorneys to help ensure the advice we give makes sense for you.

Emerge Wealth Strategies began as Valerie began to grow her practice.  She came to understand that she needed a team to be as effective as possible in working with the clients she served.  Tess was the first one to join her.  Tess brought a passion for educating and engaging with clients at a personal level to help them move toward their goals.  She has a background in accounting and corporate finance and earned her CFP® mark in 2018.

Laura was the next to join.  Laura brings extensive knowledge in the areas of student loan repayment and the loss of a spouse.  She was a mortgage loan officer and holds the Certified Divorce Financial Advisor designation as well as a CFP® mark.  Laura is also firmly committed to educating clients about their current situation and providing viable options to help them to move forward.

The name Emerge Wealth Strategies is important to us.  We know you may not feel confident with your current financial picture.  But, our commitment to you is that we will work to help empower you to emerge from where you are today to where you ultimately want to be.

Please visit the Our Team link for more information on our history and backgrounds!