Our new reality

Our new reality

April 10, 2020

This past weekend marked a month here in Illinois where we have been under a shelter-in-place order.  How has the past month changed your life?


I have been checking in with clients.  Some have absolutely no work and are trying to keep themselves busy to not think about what is happening.  Others are taking this opportunity to retool their business and move more of it online.  Some clients are busier than ever and are struggling to keep up with the work and their kids schooling.


It has changed our wardrobes.  Some clients have used this time to clean out their closets, but many more haven’t because who knows when we’ll be able to dress up again?  It is a strange world when blue jeans feel dressy compared to sweatpants.


Are you gaining weight from endless snacking?  Losing weight because you finally have the time to work out?  Some clients are testing out their baking and cooking skills.  What have you tackled?


How has this changed your living space?  Have you found a place to set up an efficient home office?  One that looks professional for virtual meetings?  How about a space to work out?  Will this cause you to move?  Change what you will look for in a new space? 


How will this change traditional office spaces?  Will companies decide that people can actually work from home and allow more people to do just that while reducing their footprint?  Or will in-person collaboration continue to be critical?


We have some clients who have recognized that they are spending a lot less now.  Once we are able to return to our lives, will you be more conscious of how you spend money?  Even when we are able to get back into the stores, will you go?  Or do the things you used to buy seem frivolous now?  Will you continue to eat at home and save the money you were spending on restaurants?


It is pretty clear that our world has changed permanently.  How remains a question.  We would love to connect with you and hear about your experiences.  As always, we are here to help you plan for whatever the future holds for us.