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Tess Zigo, CFP®, CPA

Tess Zigo, CFP®, CPA


My background

I studied Finance and Accounting at Northern Illinois University, and spent several years working in Treasury management. Over that period, I developed a passion for personal finance and investing but learned quickly that I love people more than spreadsheets so I needed to get out from behind my excel and in front of real people dealing with the same real money issues I struggle with-balancing the need to enjoy life today but also be responsible for my future. Many of my clients are trying to balance their short term financial needs such as remodeling dreams with long term objectives, from sending their children to college to stepping away from their business but creating sustainable income to continue to enjoy their current lifestyle. As a mother of two toddlers and a business owner, I understand the challenges my clients face with the never-ending demands on their time and energy. 
Little known facts
I am originally from Bulgaria and lived in Botswana, Africa for five years until I graduated high school and came to study in the U.S. When I am not meeting with clients, you can find me traveling, at the beach, hosting casual dinner parties with friends or simply building legos with my boys (Ben is 6, and Aydin is 3) and my better half, Eldar.

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